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Why Choose Section 9 Technologies?

Sections 9 Technologies Is more than just your personal I.T. department, We are your friend we look out for you and your business by looking at the big picture. We will help you find the solutions that fit your needs and budget. I.T. is not just about computers and internet, although It can be a very big part. Phones, printers, networking, digital signage, sound systems, cameras access control and just about anything that takes electricity can all be parts of your business running smoothly and this is where we come in.


No one likes the idea of being audited however getting at technology audit from Section 9 Technologies May save you 1000s a year. This may be by finding services or equipment that may be overcharging your business every month. Such as out of date phone and internet subscription or software licensing for out of date products. Or maybe the last sales rep just took advantage of you and sold you something you didn't need or over prices it. It happens all the time and we are here to cut the fat and save you money every year.


When you have a technician out to repair the same thing every month that is a problem. Our company is very good at getting you up and running as fast as possible with a cost effective and permanent solution.  


Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to helping your business.

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