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IT Consulting
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Welcome to your personal IT department  

Our Servuces

Our Services

Cable Installation

Across the hall or across the building we have you covered. Coax, Ethernet, Fiber and more.  

Camera's & Monitering

We help you keep a eye and ear on all the things you value.

Access control

Access control allows you to grant or deny access to any part of you business any time 

Phone systems

Keep in contact with you customers. We install and repair your PBX Affordably  

WIFI & wireless

WIFI is a pain when when it doesn't work. We help set you up with a reliable wireless solution 

Sound Systems

Its all about the ambiance! Rather It be background or announcements your  clients will hear you clearly. 

TV and projection Installation

Put it where everyone can see it!

We can put your content in the best location for all to see.

Repair & Matanance

Like a car computers need maintenance. Repair, Cleaning & updates.We help keep your think box running like clockwork. 

Custom Solutions 

If you have a electronic or IT Problem for any amount of time please feel free to tell us. We are always happy to solve your problems.

Customer Feedback

He came out in bad weather and got my phone lines working again! I will definitely be passing along his information to the other stores in my region in case they need phone line help. He was able to bypass my old and burnt out PBX system and make it happen!!

Jason T.

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